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Will you have enough?

Are you saving enough for a comfortable retirement?

Even if you have been saving for your retirement for most of your working life, your pension may not be big enough for you to live on comfortably when you do retire or provide enough for your dependants.

The Scheme is considered to provide a reasonable benefit for many of its members in retirement but depending on your circumstances this may not be the case for you.

Your pension may not be enough to live comfortably on if you:

  • Had a career break;

  • Joined the Scheme later in life;

  • Opted out previously;

  • Want to retire early;

  • Want to provide more for your dependants or;

  • Have moved jobs a few times.

What can you do?

One option is to make extra contributions to boost your pension. Whatever you do you should make sure you get financial advice before making any decisions.

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